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#trueblood #hbo

#trueblood #hbo

Nova aquisição #reanimation #

Nova aquisição #reanimation #


Voting for the Photograph the Carnivores Tour opened on Talenthouse today (and continues for the next five days) so the time has come for me to grovel for your votes. But I’m not just going to grovel. I’m going to give you something, too. As thanks for your votes (or at least, putting up with me while I’m asking for them) I’m going to dive into my archives and post some lost gems! Enjoy the photos, and please, please, please head over to Talenthouse to vote for my very favorite picture of Chester that I’ve ever taken!!!

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Chester’s affection.


Dale’s RV


That's not my little girl.
That's some other thing.
My Sophia was alone in the woods.